14 Days of Love: Day 6, Loving Acts of Kindness

What do yarn, HGTV and Title I Schools have in common?

Well…my kids go to a Title I grade school which means that most of the kids there have some serious economic need. Every winter, to help meet some of those needs, the school has a giving tree. Hats, scarves, and gloves are the old fashioned decorations for the tree. The school gives the decorations out to kids as they walk in in the morning.

This year I did tree duty a couple of times. We were very short on scarves…about ten scarves to distribute through a school of about 650 kids. As the kids asked for a scarf I made them show me their coats. If they had a hood or a collar that could zip up to keep their neck warm, they couldn’t have a scarf (not from me anyway.) One little girl with a nice warm coat wanted a scarf so badly that I was afraid she’d leave her coat at home the next day to get one. I didn’t want her to do that. And yet, that morning at least she was warm and a good 200 other kids (or more, who knows?) were cold.

It frustrated me and made me sad.

So this year I’m organizing knitters and crocheters (and frankly, shoppers too.) Next year we can anticipate at student body of about 700 so I’m trying to get 700 scarves.

I want to be able to give a box of scarves to every teacher. The teacher can then distribute them to the students in her class, no matter what their coat looks like or what their financial status at home is.

So far my Facebook friends have rallied to the cause, one friend making five scarves a month in 2012 her New Year’s Resolution. My Grandma and mom have whipped out a dozen or more already as well.

That covers the school and the yarn. What about the HGTV? Well…that’s what I watch while I crochet and knit. I’m up to six scarves already, and know more about moss gardens, loft condos in Atlanta, and Sara’s House than I probably ought to. ; )

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