ACA Obamacare Insurance Confusion Frustration We’re Not Dead

The State Health Exchange called yesterday.

They called about an error on my account that needed to be sorted out.

Let me give you a time line to put it into perspective.

Oct. 1st 2013: I opened an account on my health exchange under my husband’s name and established myself as his representative.

Oct. 1st 2013: My password didn’t work so I called. I got through! They assured me it was just a glitch. I opened another one.

Oct. 1st 2013: My password didn’t work so I opened a third.

Oct. 1st 2013: My password didn’t work so I opened a fourth

(that goodness for so many free email accounts!)

Oct. 1st 2013: Things are looking good. I will ┬ásave $400 a month on insurance. I’m pretty okay with all of this.

Mid October: The troubles begin with all of the stuff I have to do to prove we exist and aren’t in jail. Plus, I learn I input our income wrong and so they are going to charge us a money we don’t technically owe. I begin calling, but never, ever, ever get through. I email. You’ve had a taste of that fun in another blog post.

Mid November: ┬áMy husband takes a new job. We no longer qualify for the discount because his new employer offers a policy we can buy into. I’m sad about this, but happy for other people who are saving money. He starts his new job in December. I start attempting to cancel my applications for health care.

Early December: I talk to my insurance company at length and am assured that I am all good. They are taking care of making sure those other applications are cancelled. They are making sure that my family policy rolls over to the correct new policy. I breath a sigh of happy relief. Oh, and since my husband’s employer pays for his insurance (though not ours) we are still saving $400 a month.

Mid-Early December: Two sets of insurance cards come for us: Neither of which are right. I call and attempt to cancel them both, again. I can’t. I’m not Daniel. But they assure me there’s no rush, it will be fine. Just have him call. But he’s at work, on a funeral, we’re leaving for Kansas in a couple of days. I am panicked.

We patch Daniel through. He cancel’s things. I sigh with relief.

Mid to Late December: Four kids’ programs, lots of shopping, lots of baking, and packing for a week away in Kansas.

Dec. 31, in Kansas I remember I have to apply for insurance for the girls and I THAT SECOND if I want to be insured in January. I apply. Now I am saving $500!! I don’t know why, but I like it! Then I realize I had input my birthdate as in 2013. Grumble. Phone calls. Emails. It might be corrected.

Jan. 8th 2014: The State Health Exchange calls. There is a problem with my insurance application. My first one. That one listed under Oct. 1 2013 where I make myself Daniel’s representative. Not the one I had to prove we weren’t incarcerated. The other one. The first one I never completed because a glitch in the program made it lock everyone out for the first two weeks.

I say to the guy, “Let me save you a lot of time. We no longer qualify, can you cancel this application?”

He says sure.

I express my doubts.

He says, “Wellll, we can’t really cancel it but we can move it to the dead files.”

I thank him. And I totally understand why he had such a frazzled and scared voice.

But after I hang up I realize: He’s going to call like five more times, isn’t he?

I wish I had thought to make sure he cancelled all of them.

But anyway, he called, he cancelled.

Jan. 9th 2014: I receive an invoice in my email for the policy that the insurance company sent me cards for but promise me they have already cancelled.

God bless America! :S


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2 Responses to ACA Obamacare Insurance Confusion Frustration We’re Not Dead

  1. Deborah

    Wow! How interesting. I don’t think they really thought the process out and that is why they are have been so many problems. I could have told them that a lot of young people would not sign up for the insurance, since they are allowed to be on their parents insurance until they are 26. I am not for or against ACA nor do I fear it, I just think it’s a sign of the times and we have to trust and follow Christ.

  2. admin

    I think you are right on the money! They were too optimistic and idealistic about it…as well as the whole system was designed by a committee, one part of which actively wanted it to fail.

    As a Christian, I actually feel like it doesn’t matter: big business, big government. Both are flawed, but both have good sides. Neither brings us salvation. I just want a system that functions, which private medical insurance really didn’t do well, and now government mandated private insurance doesn’t seem to be doing very well!

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