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foreclosed3 3 Foreclosed CoversOne thing I’ve always loved about the cover of Foreclosed is that my dad took the picture and my brother created the cover. My talented brother also did the covers for the next two books in the series (as well as my Plain Jane series.) It is seriously cool to be able to work with family.

One thing I never really loved was that the books looked more intense then they really were. It’s not the designer’s fault, it’s just how it worked out. I loved the covers, even though they were intense.

I think sometimes people pick up Foreclosed thinking it will be an intense-ish suspense instead of a silly cozy. (I get that impression from the more critical reviews.)

I had talked with my brother about doing cartoon covers for them in the past, but as he has a different full time job in addition to being my design monkey, he hadn’t had time to come up with the cartoon-Mitzy of my dreams.

Good thing I’ve got connections!

How good?

Check out what Elizabeth Mackey Designs created!Mitzy Series covers Foreclosed Covers


I couldn’t be happier. I think that these covers clearly tell readers what kind of books they are getting when they pick up Foreclosed, et al.

The covers are so fun, in fact, that now I’m thinking of getting to work on the next Mitzy as soon as the current Plain Jane is done!

Oh! And don’t forget…Foreclosed is free, as always.


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8 Responses to Foreclosed Covers

  1. mike

    Nice cover art. Elizabeth Mackey captured the true style of the stories (I know I’ve read a few) in her design. Congratulations to two very talented women.

  2. I just re-did my cover for my novelette yesterday and it went ‘live’ and I wondered if anyone else ever did this. I see I’m in good company! Really love your new covers!

  3. admin

    This isn’t even the first time I’ve changed them. :) It doesn’t hurt to update the look of a book now and again, especially if you find someone who can make your vision come true.

  4. admin

    Thanks! It’s been fun to partner with her on several covers. There’s something about having a talented girl do such girly covers as these. :)

  5. frances

    I love the new covers. Whether its the old or the new cover I would still read the book.

  6. admin

    Awe, thanks so much! I’m really excited about the new covers…not because the old ones were bad, but these just fit the mood so much better! :) I’m glad to hear that you like them, no matter what they are wearing. :)

  7. kristen

    I’ve read Foreclosed and loved the book. I also love the old cover!! The new one is nice. Glad your happy with the book “makeover”. Can’t wait for the next Plain Jane mystery to come out. Enjoying your books! Keep em coming!

  8. admin

    Thanks so much! I do love the old cover, too…change can be hard! :) I’m toiling away on the next Plain Jane…Phew. I should have finished it ages ago, but it’s coming. I hope to have at least two more before fall…and then in fall, we’ll have the next Mitzy. :) There, I said it in public, now it has to happen!

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