Guest Blogging!

I had the fabulous opportunity to be a guest blogger at the most wonderful online yoga and pilates studio in the world. offers workouts in a wide range of intensities and even has videos to do with your kids.

But I’d say the best part of is the instructor, Bethany Learn. She’s a true, qualified professional. And she’s also a real true mom with a home and pets and a life.  She totally understands what it is like to do yoga while the dog is running circles around you and the gerbil is rolling in his ball under your plank pose.

As nice as it is to find a real person instructing yoga and pilates, it is even better that Bethany really invests in her members. From the first warm welcome to her site to personally answering your fitness questions, she is dedicated to your fitness path.

Since joining the studio I haven’t stopped talking about it. And now I get to talk at the studio. So stop by and see what my New Year’s fitness journey has been like as I take on the role of guest blogger.


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  1. Wow, Traci! This is an awesome review! And totally unrequested. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Members like you make the hard work worth it!

  2. This is toooo weird. So, this morning I’m on Twitter looking for some new people to stalk, I mean follow, and happen upon your name. Children’s Ministry worker caught my eye cuz I am a former Children’s Minister—to BETHANY LEARNS CHILD. AND, she is in my writing critique group. AND the second posting of yours I read you are talking about Bethany. AND, just two minutes before I read it I am exchanging emails with Bethany. Okay, it’s official. I am now a Twitter follower of yours.

  3. admin

    lol! Stalking Bethany is a fun sport. : ) Apparently Bethany and I went to school together, I knew who she was but we didn’t know each other. I say she’s definitely one of the highlights of my 2011–she pulled by book together and an editor and pulled my abs back together too! : )

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