New Year, New Novels!

Jane New Year 300x300 New Year, New Novels!I’m both excited and terrified for the New Year. In my “Mom” job I have several issues to sort out–elimination diet for the chronically constipated one, Brain Gym for the distracted one, orthodontists, research papers, band, dance, track, piano, acting, play dates. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

As a housewife my plan is simpler. Get trained monkeys to clean it.

And as for writing…WHEW! Good things to come! I hope, plan, and intend to complete Hands to Work, the Hearts to God sequel sometime around Valentine’s Day. Then, I’ll be focusing on Jane’s adventures for almost the whole year.

I do have one Mitzy I want to write this year, and it’s a fun one. I have to use my Winter and Spring wisely so that I have time this summer to do justice to Mitzy’s next adventure.

I had hoped to have time to start a fun romance collection this year, but that, and the other mystery series that is nipping at my heels to be written, will have to wait until 2015. Jane has way too many mysteries to solve in 2014, and she fully plans to dominate this year!


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  1. LOL–I like your housecleaning plan. For your little one with digestive issues, have you tried probiotics? Especially raw saur kraut or Bubbies pickles (because some people don’t do well with yogurt). You probably have looked into probiotics already, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. :) I’m glad you are planning more Jane for us. :) Blessings!

  2. admin

    Yeah, she’s already taking probiotics, but they don’t seem to help much.:( Time to get down to figuring out what is the cause instead of just trying to treat it, I guess!

  3. Bummer. :( Prayers for wisdom on that. We’ve been through a LOT of digestive issues in our family; no fun.

  4. Heard good things about brain gym.

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