Pomeranian Rescue Dog

picture0372 300x168 Pomeranian Rescue DogIf you can get a popular breed of show dog for free, your “Bad Idea” alarm should go off!

We adopted Archie, a five year old, neutered, Pomeranian last month. His owner had died and the friend of the owner just wanted to find a nice home for the dog.

We wanted to replace our chickens with an animal that could live inside. See, one kid at our house takes care of the dog to learn responsibility and earn an allowance. The other kid took care of the chickens. But the racoons/hawks/possums ate all of our chickens. It was the kind of heartbreaking, devastating experience that makes you go on Craigslist looking for pets to help your child feel better. (Read more about that here!)

Which is, of course, how we ended up with Archie.

Archie isn’t fixed, like the said he would be. In fact, he has non-descended testicles which is the most expensive kind of neutering you can think of. We haven’t done it yet. I don’t Think he’s much of a risk to the ladies, since he hates getting his feet dirty and only likes to be withe me. All day long. Every day.

He’s also not house trained, which is what I had hoped “five years old” meant.

He has worms, which are gross, and didn’t go away after I paid Banfield animal hospital $400.

He has TERRIBLE breath, which, along with his peeing in his sleep, I decided was a sign of a bladder infection.
I was right.

His antibiotics are done, and he’s not peeing in his sleep anymore, but his breath has gotten worse again, so I’m pretty sure I need to take him back for more meds.

What else is wrong with this Pom?

Oh yeah.

The foster family shaved him so he wouldn’t get dirty while they had him.Foreclosed bitly stats ad 150x150 Pomeranian Rescue Dog

Pom’s don’t always grow their glorious coats back after they are shaved. And sometimes, when they do, it grows back patchy and weird looking.

Archie is patchy and weird looking.

There is still a chance that it will come in eventually, but like getting him fully dewormed, or ever conquering the bladder infection, I don’t hold my breath. I’m doing my best to take care of this little guy’s various health needs, but boy. I have learned a lesson about free dogs from Craigslist!

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  1. mike

    but isn’t Archie lucky he found you.

Your turn!