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monkeys for blog 221x300 Sunday School (In an effort to only use pictures that are legally mine to use, I offer you: My Monkeys.)

My friend Angela and I are teaching the kindergarten and first grade Sunday School class at our church these days. Angela is a child psychologist married to a full time Child Evangelism Fellowship Missionary and I’m a mystery writer married to a funeral director…I point that out because I feel awfully blessed to get to work with her.

I love story time in Sunday school, at Vacation Bible School, during Children’s Church, on the bus. You know, wherever. If there are kids who need to be grouped together and entertained, I’m your girl.

Angela, on the other hand, sees beyond the shining eyes and the dimpled cheeks of kids when they are entertained. She sees right into their little hearts and feels their needs. It is so good for me to get to work with her.

We have found ourselves faced with a Sunday School dilemma I like to call, “A Million-Billion LittleBoys.” I tried to count them once but they were all moving. I think million-billion comes close. I know we had 15 kids on our biggest day, and we usually only have about 4 girls, so I think you get the picture. That’s a whole lotta 5 and 6 year old monkeys boys!

This week we realized we need to make a change to prayer time. We go around the circle and share our concerns and bring them before the Lord. Some of the kids have significant struggles at home which they have no control over. We want these children to feel safe to share with us and to know they are loved.

Some of these kids are passionate about only one thing: Wii Mario. We want them to grow up knowing that whatever is most important to their little hearts matters to us and matters to God. So we give thanks to God for Mario and for big brothers and daddies who play Mario with us. And we pray that God will help us get to the next level in Mario.

But, as you can imagine, a million-billion prayers about Mario takes a long time. And a long time praying is a LONG TIME sitting still quietly.

The solution we are going to test next week is splitting the group into two parts so that the total prayer time will be less about sitting still for an hour and more about spending time with God.

I know, it doesn’t sound like a drastic change. I can see that. And yet, despite 22 years of children’s ministry (I started as a helper to my parents in their toddler class when I was 12) I have never tried to divide and conquer a million-billion moving boys.

But we can do it, and it will be great. I just need to remember that “I can do all things through him who gives me strength!”


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  1. Some of my favorite classrooms were heavy on the boys. They do wiggle and squirm, but there’s a ton of thinking going on at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to love them.

  2. admin

    I do love those boys, but gosh you have to spend a lot of teaching-energy on channeling their energy. At this age an even split of girls and boys is much easier for me to manage–you can feed them a meatier lesson if they aren’t climbing up and then jumping off of whatever they can find!

  3. The picture of your sweet little monkeys put a big smile on my face—thank you for sharing it with your readers! I’m like you—I absolutely love story time. It’s my favorite time of Sunday school, and it’s what keeps me going during those rough times when I’m not sure that I can keep on keeping on. Thank you for sharing your experiences with teaching Sunday school!

  4. admin

    Thanks! I’m glad to meet another passionate story teller. :) It’s funny that something so simple like Sunday School can be so exhausting at the same time!

  5. Mrs. Hilton,

    This is a note of appreciation regarding your presence on the Amazon Digital Forums. I have not joined or contributed to the forums, though I both publish and write, simply because I direct my activity into other things. However, I do wander the threads now and then, and have found your comments insightful and beneficial. If I find a thread particularly interesting, I always look to see if you have commented on the matter. Thank you for your many contributions, and please keep up your very good work there.

    I also want to say thank you for your quiet but solid examples of values and faith. At the moment, I can’t remember a time when you actually expressed your faith in the forums, but I could sense it in your words.

    One last thing: I received Amazon’s email notice about your revised version of your novel. I have updated the download, and will read it when time permits. I admit to not finishing the book the first time around.

    David A. Duke
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  6. admin

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I really truly love the authors over there! I’m glad you got the updates, and thank you for buying the book. : ) It is quite a girl book, and more than a bit silly, so obviously not for everyone.

    I hope you enjoy the updated version.

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