We have Insurance!

We have insurance!

If I had a mountain top, I’d shout it from there.

We bought it privately, through the insurance company. It’s the third plan I’ve tried to purchase from the second company after we gave up on the exchange. But it finally worked. We can almost afford it, too.

So, in similar news, I was at the Arco gas station/post office yesterday (yes, that’s how we roll around here!) and I noticed they had a sign that said, “Notary public $5 a stamp” (loose paraphrase, sorry!)

So if you are still looking to prove your non incarcerated status, or any of that type of thing, and need a notary, you have new place to check.

Try your bank or credit union first. If you have no luck, try the local post office. If not there, might as well try the gas station! Also of use is your local funeral director. They tend to have a notary on staff.

Hope you all are having some luck with your insurance! And I hope that maybe, since this has been nothing but an abject failure, our kindly, thoughtful nanny-state might see fit to maybe change their minds on how this all works. I still think affordable insurance needs to be a thing, but we can all tell that this version isn’t working.


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2 Responses to We have Insurance!

  1. mike

    Way to go and Congratulations! Capitalism still works best. Take that AHA.

  2. admin

    I feel like celebrating with a Tea Party. ;)

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